Monday, May 3, 2010

Kimberly Seldon's Distillery Market

Bright and (almost) early, my friend Linda and I made our way downtown (Toronto) to Kimberly Seldon's Distillery Market. The Distillery was founded by William Gooderham and James Worts in 1832. The brother-in-law grew the distillery to be the largest in the British Empire. It has since become a delightful destination filled with artist galleries and studios, boutiques and restaurants. We had both heard the show was fantastic from another friend, Laurel. I was reminded of it in the latest issue of Style At Home. It starts at 9 and is one day only. We made it there a little after 9 and it was packed! We didn't have to line up though, thankfully, but once we were in, it was the penguin walk (if you know what I mean). These photos looked spacious compared to what it was!
We started out to the right which took us to the Robert Allen table. Oooooh! Fabrics were folded on tables and end rolls leaning against the walls. Prices were incredible!!! I bought 2 yards of a fabulous turquoise ticking stripe for $10 and another 2 yards of linen in a large check for another $20 (I am told some of these fabrics go for $100/yd!!!)

The Kimberly Seldon Design Group also had a great section filled with finished fabric panels (I bought two panels of a lovely blue check that I will make duvet covers from for the bunk beds at the cottage) and many books on design and gardening (PS. Thank you kind, blonde lady who said "sometimes, you just have to be nice" and gave me a deal). 
for duvets

I think we took and a little over an hour to get through the market/show. Not a huge space but that's what was nice about it. It didn't take your whole day to walk. When we exited, the line up must have been 150 long! We finished up with a coffee and orange walnut muffins at Balzac's (another treat!); had a nice chat there and then perused the shops and galleries for another hour. 
I am so happy with my buys! I envision using them at the cottage, but also thought at the next house, I could use them on the backyard patio. For now, they will have to be added to the stash (except for my finished panels for the duvets-they are getting used right away!). 

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