Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Picks from May Mags

I hide magazines. I hide my addiction to buying them from my husband and my daughter. I am a magaholic! I am also quickly becoming an ezine-holic. I LOVE to pour over the glossy pics of the oh-so-fabulous interiors of these next four. I don't discriminate from foreign mags - I love them too - but rarely buy them as regular as monthly. These fab four are my constant friends on the tray of my Living Room ottoman. I thought you may like to see what caught my eye in the May issues:

The two stories above are by Amy Elbert, Senior Architectural Editor at Trad Home.

I can't very well scan the whole magazine, so I will say that the Open-Minded story caught my interest enough to read it late at night. It is Alice Cottrell's 700 sq ft apartment reno in Dallas. She says there are no doors. The custom sofa is 16 ft long. How cute is the Cole & Son damask wallpaper that her walk-in closet hides behind?

Michael S. Smith's New York penthouse is so interesting - a treat for the eyes!

I really have to stop myself here, because there is so much to see (as always), but do pick up the issue before it's too late. Well worth it! It's the one with Ellen Pompeo on the cover.

Two caught my eye here. This first one is from the cover story on Melissa Warner's LA apartment. Not at all my style, but I enjoy hers and really good advice (this is the mag's "Big Advice" issue). Her style icon is Jackie O and has her black & white photos in her closet (below).

The other interview I enjoyed was Dan Marty's about his L.A. home. I would love to attend one of his parties! the bedroom was the most interesting for me, but all of his rooms are worth the price of this issue.

What I like about Style at Home is it offer some fabulous ideas and how-tos for the average home owner. They also have a great website full of advice an ideas, like this pic. This wallpaper is amazing (by Monsoon):
Each issue has so much, not just this 178 page issue. The Yellow pages for decor after the 178 pages is so handy!

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