Friday, August 20, 2010

Tommy Smythe

Do you remember this kitchen featured in Canadian House and Home? It has been my favourite for years!
Michael Graydon via Tommy-Smythe's Facebook

Who knew it was Tommy Smythe's kitchen? - which makes perfect sense as I have become a fan of him on Sarah's House. His humour is what I look forward to along with his design aesthetic. Come on HGTV...when is Tommy going to have his own show????
The black tiled floor with the grey marble subway tile backsplash is where this wonderful kitchen begins for me.

Not sure I would do a stainless counter, but it looks fab! I also like plenty of clean wooden spoons by my stove.

Next, the black lower cabinets and the white uppers is a great way to anchor the room, yet lighten and balance it with the white. Tommy, didn't you say you hated the bow and arrow fridge handles???
I love the French feeling this kitchen gives you - the bentwood/rattan cafe chairs with small, honeyed pine table, french black doors and a huge lantern light.

Remember this spread for Canadian House & Home of Tommy's bedroom? - above and below all photographed by Michael Graydon.

Love the black velvet cushions and I am always a sucker for persian rugs. As an avid reader, I also admire the idea of placing a huge lamp on the bedside table. 

Oh - and there's the another one - my guess is it's the same one - but a beautiful vignette nonetheless.

Very classic like Ralph Lauren and Thomas O'Brien, yet Tommy has a style very much his own.

I love the whack of red stripes in this otherwise traditional space. Congrats Tommy, on your success and I look forward to seeing more Tommy Smythe Designs!


  1. I just adore Tommy's style.. that kitchen is an all time favorite, it still inspires me :)
    So nice to meet another Canadian blogger! xx

  2. Hey thanks, me too! Nice to meet you too! Love your blog, - I will have to make it a fav. Joxo

  3. Love Tommy's kitchen. I'm working on putting together a plan to redo my kitchen and his kitchen is my inspiration! Do you know what kind of tile that is? You think its slate. I'm having a hard time finding it. Any tips to finding? I'm in TX :)

  4. Me too. Slate or I think it could be just plain old black tile on the floor. If they don't have the half cut size, the tiler can just cut one in half. Good luck on your kitchen.
    Also, you could leave Tommy a message asking him on Facebook. Let me know if you find out!



  5. I've been staring at this post because I'm using the kitchen as inspiration in my new kitchen. I initially thought you were spot on about the lamp in the bedroom - *but* I just caught the reflection of the bedside one of the pair in the mirror ... :)

    Design junkies, we are!

  6. I absolutely love this kitchen. Especially the over sized light fixture. But, I have one question.... Does Tommy actually cook?

  7. I adore Tommy & Sarah on HGTV! Tommy is talented and very funny.

  8. I buddy Awesome combinations of kitchen and great ideas..
    thank for sharing..

  9. I really like the grey subway tile. I was looking for alternatives to the white subway tile you see everywhere. We are renovating our kitchen so I need fresh ideas, can always count on Tommy! Also love the little desk area with the cookbooks. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The whole look is awesome ... wish I had this talent..