Monday, September 20, 2010

Closet Love

via Decorpad
 I never tire of searching for the ultimate walk-in closet (for me). It doesn't have to be ostentatious; in fact, I prefer Patricia's at PVE.

The first 3 are from Sex in the City. Don't you prefer Carrie's first little closet???
via Coastal Living

via Domino

Mariah Carey's via Lovely Clusters Blogspot
Miley Cyrus' via Decorpad
I LOVE this next one.....
via Habitually Chic
The Hilton sisters...which one do you prefer? The cleanliness of Nicki's or the clutter of Paris'? I think I would prefer the scavenger hunt in the colourful clutter! Plus every girl's dressing room needs a little glam.
Nicky's via TipToeButterfly
Paris' via TipToeButterfly
The sign above the door says "Fairy Tales do come true."
Home Sweet Home via StyleFiles

via Peta Rudd
via Lovely Clusters Blogspot
via PVE
via Canadian House & Home
Stylist Sabrina Linn's closet via Canadian House & Home


  1. Wow! This is quite a collection of closets. I love to peek into other people's closets, especially when they are as fabulous as these.

  2. Me too! How nice to devote a whole room to it!