Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm a very lucky gal, so I don't mean to complain....Decisions are made thoughtfully, yes, but then they come like a machine gun at you. We spend most of our evenings, after a busy day at work, pouring over brochures, catalogues and magazines, looking online and checking the plans (for like the millionth time) and bam, our decision is made. Granted, the planning has been in the work a year in advance, so the options were already researched.

I am so enjoying the designing of a house, but imagined a slower pace. Silly me!

Hubby made a boo-boo - groan - ordering the side lights to the front door (note: still needs painting). They were suppose to be panelled a third of the way up. Now we're considering having them mullioned like the windows.

I lurve the stone!!!

OK - imagine the door stained or painted black or brown. Do you think I can live with horizontal mullions to match the windows. Or have the side lights replaced with the ones intended (panelled a third of the way up to match the door)?

Ripley brick by Brampton Brick - looks a little red here in the sun, but it is definitely more brown than red (see below for a more accurate colour photo).

This is a sexy shot of the stone, dappled by sunlights. Swoon!

And around the side. Brick's OK. We could have gone lighter but that was risky with the dark roof.