Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Busy, busy, busy!

Is blogging on the decline? Are we too busy to blog? Or has Insta and FB replaced it?

I enjoy blogging as it gives me another excuse to write, but school (I am an older student working on the last year of my English degree and now have my Certificate in Academic Writing), writing, knitting, and the cottage reno have me busy, busy, busy.

As this is a Home Decor ID site, let me talk about the reno. We built the cottage 17 years ago from the inside-out. We've reached a certain age where our kids have (almost) flown the coop and our "Shack" needs to grow up too.
We started with this, a knock-down...

Yup, we bought it.

to this for many years...

This year, we've added a den, a third bedroom--a master bedroom--with ensuite and walk-in closet, and expanded the kitchen and screened-in porch by almost 8 feet.

Here's the driveway view, where you can see the old vinyl siding on our shed. To the left of the cottage is the porch/kitchen extension. To the right, is the new entrance, new den and behind, the master bedroom.

And the front view by the lake...

 Here's my colour inspiration, a photo taken on our old street (in fact, our old neighbour's building this dream house)...

We're using Maibec engineered wood siding 6" rabbeted bevel in Ocean Spray,

And Ocean Grey for shingles above white trim.

Windows will be dark brown and the good news is that siding work will begin this weekend. Whew! 
It's been a busy hot summer, so blogging has been last on my list, but if you want to follow a more regular posting from me and see video tours, check out my Insta account here (note, I don't accept businesses that want to use my Insta to sell or creepy men. I will accept if you have an interest in home design, knitting or gardening/landscaping).

Until next time, 
Happy Autumn,


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bunny's Spa

Yet another snow storm hits Ontario and I can't help but dream of summer. Spring is around the corner, yes, but my flower and landscape design googling has given way to dreams of swimming. Susanna Salk of Quintessence interviews my favourite designer in her pool house.

Monday, August 8, 2016

In love with a cottage

Once and a while you spot a photo on Pinterest that announces, "I'm your new favourite thing." That was the case when I discovered Lighthouse Cove Cottage by TMS Architects. We've been thinking about updating our cottage after our home is planned and finished (Yes, always getting ahead of myself) and I pinned this photo for future inspiration:

This cottage is much bigger than ours, but we're considering an add-on garage with master bedroom and bathroom above. Also a porch across the cottage facing the lake. We hope to spend summer (and then some) up here. Love the stone!

All photos from TMS Architects

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Still deciding

Before we decide to knock down the current home, we thought we'd noodle over what we can do to renovate. We love living among the trees with a view to a creek (that often becomes a river) and the fawn and flora that goes along with it. I hadn't expected to see coyotes, owls, hawks, ducks and a plethora of birds (well, yes, birds I expected).
So with renovations in mind, we're drawing floor plans. If the interior doesn't work then renovating the exterior is pointless. With that said, I found a lovely inspiring photo to transform the front of the house on Houzz.

Here are the as-is shots: