Monday, May 17, 2010

Have I mentioned I'm moving????

Lou and I were going to invest in a house to fix up and either rent or sell. As it turns out, we have seen plenty of properties that extend our finances. After 17 years in our home, raising two kids, we are selling it!!!!! Agh!!!!
Once you make that decision, contact an agent, you are on a (self-imposed) deadline to get the house ready for putting on the market at the perfect Spring time. That involved drywall, paint and a list loaded with niggly little things on the inside and a whole lotta work in the yard, which we all have each Spring.

So here's a couple pics of what the outside was shaping up to be:

Lou mentions the dandelions and I say, "Don't worry, I'm going to dig them out." Which is a pretty clear thing to say,don't you think? A week before we are supposed to list the house, with a mile long list of things to do around the house, my husband (noticed how he has lost his first name as I describe this) says to me "I took care of the dandelions with RoundUp". I am thinking he must mean on the Front stone patio, where I notice we had one or two weeds, because of course he wouldn't use RoundUp on the grass!!!!!!

Imagine mini crop circles everywhere. One yard of topsoil and 30 rolls of grass later - 2 days of continuous hard work to fix this problem and still 6 areas to fix, so need more rolls of grass. The agent's photographers arrives in 2 days. Can you see me pulling out my hair?

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