Thursday, October 7, 2010

House Stalking & Drive-by Shooting

Plans are percolating! I spent the morning with my friend Linda, stalking homes and taking pictures. You'll have to forgive me the angles and cut-offs; it was "snap!" and drive! What has caught my eye is charcoal Exterior siding with a white trim - stunning! Lou prefers olive and I manage to take the last picture of an olive house we admired.
 Not a great angle, but you can see the lovely cedar shingles. Lovely garden leading up to the front door here.
 I really loved this one - the garage doors and the perfect shade of blue-charcoal siding.
 Again, cedar shingle and stone - nice windows...
 A little dark here - sorry - but you can see the stark and beautiful contrast between the siding and trim.
One for hubby(below)...I love the shape of the windows and how the shutters echo that. Also, the light sage siding with the darker olive shutters and pretty stonework. If you look back at all of these, I was also looking for interesting rooflines that make work on the new house. We are costing out the difference of backyard extension, addition over the garage to make a "bungaloft" or a second story addition. What would you prefer?

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