Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello Summer!

At one point today, I looked at the temperature - 90 degrees - and thought - ye, it's stinking hot and I love it! Bring it on!!!! Last summer it rained all but one week through July and August. If today is an indication of what is to come, I'm in!
This image is from and I loaded it, just because. Isn't it lovely??? White windows with loads of greenery on the other side/Blue pots filled with Hydrangeas and Passion Flower. Ahhh.

So here I sit in my clean, organized, clutter-free home (it's for sale) feeling a bit like a guest in my own home. Aside from working on a crochet top for my knitwear site, I have started a little project with my new camera. Did I mention splurging for a Canon EOS Rebel XSI? I lerve it! While fixing up the house for selling, I needed 5 pictures to go in an ikea frame that I quickly bought to fill a dead space above Lucy's bed. I thought postcards or some such thing. Instead, my handy-dandy Rebel and I got together and made these for the frame:
As I thought more about the (possible) move and my garden, which is looking lovelier by the day, I thought about the plants I should take with me. First on the list is my growing collection of Hostas. I thought I must remember their names and make name stakes for them. I had so much fun doing the photos above that I thought I would make a Hosta poster size collage print of what I have; labeled, so I wouldn't forget. I took pictures and looked online. Do you know how many Hosta varieties there are???? I got through the A's and B's and then called my friend Linda. She would either know or remember (as she was likely with me when I bought them). Here is what we have come up with and I invite anyone to correct me if I've got it wrong (these pictures will be arranged 5 across and 7 down for printing and may be replaced as I go along):
If you are interested in using any of these photos on your blog, please do so, but be kind enough to credit and link my site. Any other uses or inquires can be emailed to me at
A 1 4 the Money:
Bright Lights:
Francis Williams:
Great Expectations:
Francis Williams:
Blue Umbrella:
Sum and Substance:
Aachen: (something finds this tasty!)

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