Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Citrus Crush

We finally got a dose of snow last night, only to melt to a balmy 8 degrees today. Is this Canada??? Even so, it's winter and the new citrus-y trend of colour is a welcome one.


Festival Rug...Yippee!


1-2: Tumblr
3-4: Anthropologie
5: Masi Decor
6-7: Anthropologie 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Schulyer Samperson

You know when you've discovered someone who oozes your own personal taste and then you can't find enough pics of it. Well, that's how I spent my morning, surfing to my heart's content. Enter Schuyler Samperson (why hadn't I heard of her before???):

Bestill my heart, a round table, my fav wallpaper in a new colour, dramatic colour combinations and plays on pattern. This dining room moves to the top of my favs.

This bench with the two hound prints above it, drove me to distraction! Simple yet so perfect! The screen as a headboard is also very copy-worthy.

I wish I hadn't traded in all my books now!

1., 6. Google

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obsession: Terrariums

1-5 via Pinterest

via bhg.com
I don't know what it is about a Canadian winter that has me thinking green (duh, Joanne), but it happens so naturally and instinctively. I found this lovely how-to for Terrariums on bhg.com and thought I'd share.

    -- Container
    -- Activated charcoal pieces
    -- Potting soil
    -- Gloves
    -- Terrarium-appropriate plants
    -- Sheet moss
    -- Watering can
    -- Trowel

Install approximately 1-2 inches of charcoal at base of container.

Combine remaining charcoal with soil either by hand or with trowel.

Fill your container one-fourth to one-third full with the charcoal-and-soil mixture. Gently pack the soil every 2 inches to avoid large air pockets.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Help! What is this plant?

One of my fav books is Bunny William's "An Affair with a House" and on page 59, is a beautiful breakfast room and a plant I covet. I have been driving myself crazy all day looking for it on the web and even at a local nursery (where I did find a gorgeous Candelabra Draceana).

What is this?...

From this lovely room...

From this lovely book....

I have even emailed Bunny, that's how crazy this has made me! If you know, please comment and put me out of my insanity for this plant!!!

By the way, here is the Candelabra Dracaena:

More White Kitchens...

More White Kitchens....Ahhhhh!

Above photos via Cote De Texas

via Tumblr

via Mission Homes
via Westbrook Interiors

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kourtney Kardasian's Closet

I think I have found my closet! 
via InStyle.com

Love the lamp. 
Love the mirrored top. 
Love the mirror in the corner,
which is probably a closet.
Love the flowers. 
Love the books.
Love the Shelves above the hung clothes.