Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another look at checkered floors

I posted about black and white floors before and now my artistic sister, Carol, is contemplating a Harlequin floor in her newly built foyer to her studio and home. Her hubby think it may be too busy. When she told me she was thinking a 6 inch square, I thought it warranted a look at the difference the size of square could make.
Take a look at the lovely kitchen above. The squares are approximately 6-8 inches sq. Now have a look at the picture below. Here is an example of what a larger square can do to the look of a room. Now Carols rooms is approx. 20 x 20, so a large space.
The large squares look majestic and make a grand entrance, whereas the smaller squares are quite country. Here is another look at the squares laid on a diagonal:

 Now small...
And large...
And different...

Saving the best for last, I really LOVE this one below:

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