Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Photo tips from Houzz

As we are either selling or renting our new home, I've been taking photos or each room to determine what it needs. I have to say, I haven't been thrilled with the shots, though I have a beautiful Canon EOS SLR camera. Thankfully, Houzz has some wonderfully articles on how to take great home decor shots that I share with you, here today:

  1. Shoot 40" off the floor, straight on, without centring corners - use the rule of thirds.
  2. Use natural light and turn off the flash. Mix artificial light (not flourescent) with natural light.
  3. Turn on TV (be choosy about what is freeze-framed there), turn on gas fireplace too (oops, I forgot to), arrange and accessorize furniture (see notes next post on Styling).
  4. Shoot mirrors on an angle.
  5. Use tripod ($20) for nice, slow f-stops (f/8-f/22) - honestly, I'm not that far advanced with my camera, but plan to read the manual.
  6. Set EV to +1 to +2 - that I can do.
  7. Set ISO to 800 to appear lighter - again the manual, as my film speed sets automatically.
So armed with this new info, I tidied up and took the following shots:
Rug needed

Mirror or painting above sofa needed.

Rugs needed.

Picture above bed needed
Less bottles out next time!
Next will be Kitchen and Library, and various other rooms and Styling Photo tips. Until then, I hope your enjoying a beautiful Spring day!

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