Saturday, April 5, 2014

Styling Tips from Houzz

To continue on my quest for great house photos, and as promised, here are the styling tips I found on Houzz (various articles). I tried them out on my kitchen, after hiding almost EVERYTHING!!! See what you think...oh, and these tips go for all rooms.


  • Put the lid down (yes, that is what they Bathrooms.
  • Hide everything - my kitchen is never this sparse.
  • Put shiny, new, lidded pot on the stove - check.
  • Use flowers - the more dramatic, the better. I didn't have dramatic, but I did have cute Oxalis aka shamrock.
  • Play with tablescape arrangements.
  • Tell a story - now, I feel that if I replaced the bowl of fruit with a wooden cutting board, lots of colourful peppers and a bottle of balsamic vinegar, that would have told a story, a yummy one. 

  • Declutter.
  • Go for symmetry.
  • Simple dining settings (I have a hideous old antique table which I'm saving to replace, so I saved you from that sight)
  • Pull out chairs at a workspace.
  • Place a tray with books and bowl or vase on ottoman.
  • As previous mentioned, use natural and artificial light, but no flash. Unfortunately, I got on the phone with my sister and missed the morning light, but you can see that shot here, along with the progress shots.
  • AND use rule of third (don't point camera so corner is at the centre of photo).
Happy Saturday!

Joanne xox

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