Thursday, March 13, 2014

My White Kitchen

The inspiration:
via Houzz
The bare bones kitchen and view into the Sunroom:

 Progress....Oooooo, exciting. Why is this the room most women are so focused on? Is it because it's the hub of the house? I like to think so.

Then came the counter choice. I was infatuated with Marble. Nice white Bianco Carrera marble, but hubby said no way; too porous. We've agreed on most things and played the give and take game when we don't agree. This one was tough, as I knew granite was a better choice. But where to find the whitest granite? I researched like a dog with a bone and, yes, they do exist. Then I found Snow Flakes at Olympia Tile. Love at first sight - also called River Rock because of the linear effect. What you don't see is a dot of raspberry here and there, which will hide a little drop of red wine.

Then we put it all together with sink and lovely faucet and came up with this:

Now to get a professional to photograph this!