Thursday, December 10, 2009

Southern Accents Magazine Closing Down!!!!

Such sad news; one of my favorite mags is no longer publishing. Hats off to the wonderful job the editors and writers have done in finding the most beautiful, tasteful homes and sharing them with us. Here is the last issue:

And here are some Dining Rooms pick from Southern Accents (I promise, my last Dining Room post for a while):

Did you catch the round table theme? I love the look of them, but hunting for the right one proves difficult. My fav so far is the first one in my first post from Canadian House & Home. The last one here isn't round, but is from one of my favourite issues of Southern Accents. It is the Sept-Oct 2003 issue featuring the Dallas Showhouse. Talk about decadence with taste. The issue is titled Rooms with Style. The above dining room epitomizes that. The tour is no longer on their website :(, but catch the new 2009 showhouse, River Hills, designed by Joseph Minton. It is absolutely beautiful:

I love traditional, but I do have a modern side, coming up next post. Have a great weekend!

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