Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year a comin'

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I love this time of year: betwixt and between - after Christmas, before New Year's Eve. The kids are home from school. Everyone's off work. And the new year, new beginnings, are around the corner. To pick up a new knitting project or decorating project, the new year symbolizes a new start to everything. Whatever didn't get done last year can be done this year. A new surface to scratch upon. I say this happily as my honey puts up travertine marble brick-shaped tiles (finally!) in my new bitchin' kitchen (ahem - the kitchen's bitchin', not me!). We have been undergoing renos since we were married, many moons ago. Hubby is a Construction Super Genius but, alas, no time for his own home. So projects get done, well, when they get done. The kitchen began just over a year ago. The appliances (the stove is my third child; I love it so), marble counter and cabinets are in. Tiles are happening as I type and a bit of drywall and painting is next. Painting!!!! Painting means PROJECT DONE! Those photos will be coming in an upcoming entry. But, today is the anticipation of a new year! And what do we like to do in the new year? Organize.
On my list to organize is the kitchen cupboards, because when you move your stuff into new cabinets, it isn't always feng shui. And when Construction Super Genius is finished the kitchen, I'll have a need to reorganize the cabinets (again, another blog entry).
But my fascination today, is with craft and office organization. Here's what I found:
1-3: Pottery Barn
4-8: Martha Stewart

And for good measure, while I was on Martha Stewart's site, I saw the most fantastic display of fiesta dishes; organized and spectacular. next project's inspiration!

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