Monday, February 28, 2011

Interesting Exteriors

via video open house
Still looking over plans. As they get closer to the ideal, the focus shifts to exteriors. While my heart is loving the pics from this post, I want to look at all options. Here's a few that caught my eye this morning:


Friday, February 18, 2011

Chevron Fantasy

Welcome to my Fantasy Manor, where tree boughs arch over the path and leaves rustle and little creatures scurry away...

...As you enter Chevron Manor, you will be astounded by the woodwork at your feet...

 ...The first room appears to be empty, as the wind ruffles the rosy curtains... 

 ....Your stomach growls as you smell cinnamon wafting down the hallway...Ah ha!... seems the kitchen is also empty, but someone has left these yummies to air by the window. Mmmmm...

...Don't mind if I do. But I have had one too many and my tummy groans under the strain...

...I wonder through a delightful Library and onto another sitting room...

...Yawn!!!! I am getting so sleepy!!!...
...You don't think they'll mind me having a nice, hot bath, do you???

...a lovely dressing room has a silky nightie and robe, just my size...

...a golden room to match my locks. I dive onto the sumptuous pillows and rest my eyelids for just a moment....

4. British House and Garden

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Favorite things

Great Gardens

Not sure where I found this, but it is saved on my desktop for garden inspiration. How green it seems! How's this for a side yard? I have always liked boxwood fencing in other plantings, like the hosta and hydrangea here.
Great Beds
via Cote de Texas

Great Knits
Nanette Lapour via Studded Hearts

Great Men
Javier via Top News

Great Shoes

Nine West

Great Homes

Pak Heydt & Assoc

Great Beaches

Turtle Island

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have received the first plans and the city setbacks measurements to our property. In a nut shell, back to the drawing board. We may have to go up one storey. So today I play with the plans, to come up with Plan B. In the meantime, I found a lovely entryway on Canadian House & Home I thought I would share with you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ideas for our architect

It's finally starting to happen!!! The architect has our rough drawings of the house plan, hubby and I have been working on and some pictures for exterior inspiration. Stone and stucco are de rigguer of our neighbourhood. There is a completely stone home next door, very beautiful and another stone and stucco getting built a few doors down. I have driven nearby neighbourhoods to get ideas (see Drive-by shooting blog entry) and have since found exterior designs that would fit into, and compliment, our neighbours homes. So here's the foot print we are starting with...
The bottom square on the left is our garage. The bit at the back is a family room that was added on 10 years ago. Here are the shots I gave the architect to be inspired by for exterior finishes - stone and cedar. Ours, of course, will be a smaller home. I love the finish with the white-trimmed and plentiful windows. Also, the white columns of the Porticos. I am DYING to see what he comes up with!!!

1-4. Chris Parrott Homes. 5. Canadian House and Home. 6. Chris Parrott Homes

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is coming our way...
The big blue thing is the colossal snowstorm coming to bury us! It used to be you just wake up and deal with the day. Now we get to stress over what might be. Or prepare for what may come our way or may blow right on by us (I hope so!). So hubby cleared a spot in our garage (the last of our unpacking) and I just back my car in. I LOVE that whatever happens, my car will be not so cold and definitely clear of ice and snow. I don't think I have ever fit a car into any garage we've had. The previous home's single garages were always filled with STUFF. Now I realize I may never get my car out of said garage. That's why hubby is driving me to work tomorrow in his truck - handy to have 4x4 now and then.
Keep warm and safe everyone!!!