Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is coming our way...
The big blue thing is the colossal snowstorm coming to bury us! It used to be you just wake up and deal with the day. Now we get to stress over what might be. Or prepare for what may come our way or may blow right on by us (I hope so!). So hubby cleared a spot in our garage (the last of our unpacking) and I just back my car in. I LOVE that whatever happens, my car will be not so cold and definitely clear of ice and snow. I don't think I have ever fit a car into any garage we've had. The previous home's single garages were always filled with STUFF. Now I realize I may never get my car out of said garage. That's why hubby is driving me to work tomorrow in his truck - handy to have 4x4 now and then.
Keep warm and safe everyone!!!

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