Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Waystrode Manor

My father has searched our family tree and managed to go back a number of years. A lovely past-time that has become a popular one as the web has allowed us to log and share our ancestry. New shows like Ancestors and African American Lives (PBS) have made it even more popular to search your family name. Web sites like ancestry.com and .ca

King John had given Waystrode Manor (below) to a knight (not related) and it eventually passed to John Style (a descendant) and remained in the family for 300 years. It was up for sale a few years ago and these photos are via the estate agent's brochure: Cluttons (where you can browse some more dreamlike properties).

The manor sits on 8 acres (perfect size) and is about 30 miles from Central London, just outside the village of Cowden.  Here's the description given in the brochure (sorry the pics were a bit blurry):

Doesn't it look like some sort of Gingerbread House? I can't imagine the sense of history one would get living here! Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to upkeep it.

I believe these next few shots are of the "flat" or Guest House.

How much fun would it be to decorate the caravan!

You can by your own gypsy caravan here at Les Verdines where the following photos come from:

This last one is where I can really see me using one. How romantic is a midnight stroll to your little guest caravan for the night! We have been waffling over building a bunkie at the cottage. Wouldn't this make a nice substitute!


  1. What incredible pictures and ideas!

    Is this where I leave a comment for the crocheting and knitting books?


  2. Sorry for my ridiculously late reply. I just saw this now. My knitting site is joanneyordanou.com and you can email me from there. Happy New Year!