Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep Calm. Keep Warm.

We had a warm front come in last week and it was lovely! I almost thought Spring was here. Who am I kidding? It's January, I'm in Canada and I have another 4 months to see the first crocus. On that note, the knitting needles are busy and what could be nicer than knitting by the fire. Nothing beats a real wood fire, but in a pinch, a gas fireplace works wonders, lighting and heating up quickly. How would you like to cosy up to these fireplaces?

Charlotte Moss' Colorado Home
ELLE Decor Dec 09
Photography by Pieter Estersohn

Courtesy of Mrs Blandings Blog
Roger Lussier's Boston Back Bay apartment
source unknown: may be House Beautiful March 1994

Photography by Jeffrey Simpson

Photography by Steve Hall & Hedrich Blessing

Photography by Scott Frances

Wouldn't you love a fireplace in the kitchen? All I can think is toasting marshmellows!

Photography by David Gloom

Photography by Maree Homer


  1. Wow, what awesome photos on this blog! Could just look at them ... and look at them ... and .. well, you get the point I guess. :-)
    And I REALLY want a fireplace!!!

  2. Thanks so much!! I don't get a lot of comments, so it means a lot! I like your blog too and will add it to the right. I noticed you knit and crochet and I have a blog/site for that too:

    Have a great day!