Saturday, January 30, 2010

Designer Focus: Thomas O'Brien

One designer I have come to admire is Thomas O'Brien and his company Aero. If anything, I am more traditionalist, but can appreciate and enjoy a punch of modern. It seems O'Brien could be described the same, although he has been called a Modernist. Eclectic is what I would call his style, with deep roots in Traditional. It describes a more interesting room, knick-knacks divulging the personality of its inhabitants; clues dropped. Thomas has a wonderful website, with many examples of his work. A super talented designer.

The images below are from Elle Decor July 06 featured on So Haute Blogspot:

There is something about white and black simple frames that allow the art to be, well, the Art. The use of black and white photography with the odd punch of colour add interest to the white wall. The use of animal print in both rooms, add coziness and comfort. Also, grounding black with the richness of honey or red-toned wood give it a European flair, much like Pottery Barn. Then there's the spice of modern in the blue lamp and chrome chair above.

I also found these Aero Studios snaps via Wide Open Spaces Blog:
Again, simple frames, warm wood, animal print and modern chair: Are we onto something? A recipe to great style?

Talk about eclectic and interesting! This reminds me of Mary Emmerling (care of M.A. Belle blogspot) - another fantastic designer and style queen, that I will surely feature soon! Note the similarities.

I love the serenity of this room.

In Domino, April 2007, Thomas' Long Island home was featured: story by Stephen Orr/Photos by Max Kim-Bee. A man after my own (taken) heart, Thomas seem to enjoying gardening. It is never to early to be thinking garden plans!

You can also enjoy an interview with Thomas O'Brien at Meade Design Group.

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