Monday, June 3, 2019


Insta...FB...Twitter -- I can't keep up. I'll admit, Insta is my new addiction. I can't be bothered with Twitter anymore and FB, I only peek in for family and friends catch-up pics or repost something I find important or just a good giggle.  Not to mention: I have a knitwear design Insta page and FB page, as well as a writing FB page. Have I overdone it??? Now you understand why this blog (and yes, I have a knitting blog too) suffers.
That said, I enjoy looking back on my posts and seeing what I've done over the years. I wonder if Eddie Ross still blogs?

So let me make this short and sweet. Now that Spring is here, we are back to construction at the cottage and working on the interior (and finishing off the shakes in the exterior eaves).

Let me explain the interior. We've added 8' to the kitchen and screen-in porch (to the right). The plan is to paint the ceiling white, and sand the floor to stain the maple a light colour (Yikes! Lots of work!) The wall behind the wood stove will be knocked out and the tile will be replaced on the floor then a new (maybe white) wood stove with glass installed. My white shaker kitchen from home will be repurposed here. I'm trying to decide if we just repaint all white or do the lowers in a soft gray (like Benjamin Moore's Wickham Gray HC-171). The wall to the right of the door will be replaced with a 12' sliding door to the porch to let all that wonderful light in.

Below are where we are with the exterior. A ways to go! Well, you know what I'll be up to this summer. Hopefully, next time I post, the cottage will have a lighter breezy feel to it!

Happy Summer everyone!


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