Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back in Action!

I'll admit, it was a gloomy over-cast day when I took these photos, but they still make me happy. Now that the holidays are over, we're back in action. As hubby wrestles down a price for drywall and insulation, I'm working with the kitchen designer, who is also doing the Laundry Room, Family Room built-ins, library/den shelving and all washrooms in the house, save the powder room (where we'll have a bit of fun). 

We've just picked the colours of the soffit, fascia and trim, which basically matches the windows...

 Now, we are choosing from samples of stained shingles for the peaks (can't wait to see them!)

 The stucco is done, but we wait until Spring to paint it. I'm thinking the birch looks a little unhealthy. My friend says they shed the dead branches themselves. I'll have to investigate how to invigorate them. It would be sad to lose it.

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