Thursday, December 6, 2012

Messy, but GRRRRREAT!!!!

Can you fall in love with stone? Sadly, I have. I feel it's one of the best decisions we made.  This is Rolling Rock's Foxfield Blend. Luckily, we have a little left over to do post at the ends of the driveway.

Definitely veering towards traditional cedar shingles in the peaks and stucco on the dormer window on the 2nd floor.

The door won't be red - this is just a base. Colour suggestions anyone? we are now deciding on holding, trim, soffit etc colour AND siding and stucco. Whew!

 Little whoops here. Lou needs to fix the curved drop on the porch ceiling, so we'll be able to see the lovely cedar going up beneath. The sidelight (windows of the door) panels (one third up) still have to be added.

Back yard side door entrance...

Panelled Stucco around the Sunroom. Deciding whether or nor to go cedar shingle for the dormer. I think so.

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