Thursday, September 1, 2011

While I was surfing....

... I found some lovely pics at Crush Cul de Sac. I will warn you: you can spend hours there! These photos spoke to me in terms of inspiration and aesthetics. Our architect came by last night to put finishing touches on the plans before submitting to the City for permits. Yay! So we are getting closer!!!!!!

I loved this sink and country look for the mudroom/laundry room, complete with wainscotting and shelving.

There will be a sunroom and I kind of LOVE this lounger.

I have a collection of plates and always wanted to hang them up together. I think this looks so pretty!

I have always liked an open and interesting foyer. I love the tree, but of course it may not survive for long unpotted, but a potted tree will! Love the sunniness, big solid door and grounding black! 

I would say this would make a very lovely guest room.

I have been looking at a lot of white bathrooms lately and this one is white too. Look at the way the wood changes the clinical feeling of a stark white bathroom, to one of warmth and an element of nature. Fantastic!