Monday, August 1, 2011

Oooooooo! Like this designer!

Dear Liz Caan,

I just want to thank you for giving me inspiration for two of my rooms-to-be! When I think of a dream walk-in closet, I have (in the past) thought of these (see my walk-in closet post):

And all are quite good. Any girl would love to hang their Tahari dress in any of these! I particularly like the last one. But low and behold, you, my dear Liz have provided me with a start to what I would love to see in my future house, with this lovely photo:

Here's what I love about his photo:

  1. The mauve.
  2. The mauve wallpapered ceiling.
  3. The dusty mauve velvet chair.
  4. The SHOE CUBBIES!!!!!! Bestill my heart!
  5. The antique desk with gilded LARGE mirror, with a tiny tray of perfumes in darling bottles.
  6. Fresh flowers.
  7. The way the island house the desk and mirror and a peep behind shows more wonderful places to store our fashion goodies.
  8. And what is that shape called? Not fleur du lies? Please help someone! 
  9. and last but not least - everything!
While I am dishing on the talent of Liz Caan I may as well thank her for another great starting block for the loft which will house my 14 yr old daughter and her crew of girlie-girls:

And here the top 5 for this pic:
  1. Again wallpaper (where do you get it?)
  2. Bean bag poufs.
  3. Modern comfy sofa (because Mom's Trad is so not cool!)
  4. Modern White table/stool.
  5. The fact that anything IKEA will work after this (for me).

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