Thursday, June 9, 2011

Decisions. Decisions. What do you think???

I need help.
When it comes to interiors, I'm there. I can visualize, no problem. Exteriors? That's a little harder. So I put it to you. Which of the 3 following exteriors do you like? We have agreed to 2 separate garage doors, but it is the dormer(s) on the 2nd floor we are contemplating. Some tweaks need to be done, we see that. But, which of the three do we move forward with. I have an idea, but would love the national survey on this. Any thoughts???



or #3?


  1. Does the eyebrow dormer have to be centered over the door? I like the first floor of #3, but with the front door of #1 and #2, and with an eyebrow dormer centered between the 2nd floor peaks on the sides (what are those called?) The dormer might have to be slightly larger to look right. Also, consider one garage door for the flexibility it gives you, such as being able to pull one car into the middle of the garage, etc. And there's no chance of anyone taking out the post in the middle (hey, it does happen).

  2. Hi! Thank you for your comments. You know, we have a double car garage now with one door and it is quite handy. It makes for a roomy garage. Your post comment has me thinking.

    I see your point of view. I thought the eyebrow looked good above the door, but was too small. The double dormer above the garage leaves little room to make it too much larger. Maybe there's where we start.

    Thanks a lot...I am going to review with hubby!