Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day weekend!!!

Joanne Yordanou
In Canada, as I imagine in every country, we like our long weekends. We have one per month (except one), but Victoria Day signals "Summer's ON!" Whether it's gardening, heading out to explore outside your community or fighting (although, we like to think we cunningly avoid it) traffic to head to COTTAGE COUNTRY. Ahhhhhhh! My favorite place to be!

The forecast was rain and thunderstorms, but hubby said something that rang true on Thursday evening, as I reported rain, rain and, oh, a thunderstorm! He said, "The Weatherman has been known to be wrong before". Right you are my Dear - and you know what? The forecast was half wrong (kinda like a cup half full). We had some lovely days and especially, evenings. We also had a heck of a lot of rain and a thunderstorm! But it was well worth the trip.

When it rains at the cottage, I like to head into town to the used book store, where I have made myself a regular (seasonal) customer. I trade in my thumbed bestsellers for credit at a quaint and well-stocked used book nook. While my daughter and her friend ventured off to the old fashioned candy store, I secretly was relieved not to be hurried along in my book search. Hubby was hunting for rye bread to make a perfect corn beef on rye sandwich for lunch.

I was free to be and free to browse!

And here's what I found...well, the edited version of my finds, many were left behind! Here's what I bought... can't wait to read both! (But first to finish the excellent read, "The Help")

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