Monday, December 13, 2010

We're in!!!

I am completely exhausted! We have spent the weekend moving into the new house. The new job is busy. busy, busy, as can be expected at Christmastime. The good news is we are almost unpacked, with the exception, a lot will remain in boxes while we renovate. Simply no room for things.

So forgive the quick blog. I may go back to bed or jump in the shower. We have finally been hit with snow and it is cold!!! Are we the last to get it? My back is sore, my neck is tense and I am working tonight. The excitement of plans and drawings will begin soon! But first, we need to enjoy Christmas with the kids. Poor things are squished into new smaller bedrooms.

New discovery about the house: there is an antique safe in the basement laundry room that is 2500 lbs! Apparently, the house was built around it by an owner who was a jeweller! We would need a crane to remove it! Unfortunately, the diamonds have long since been removed!!!!

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