Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change from a boring, old tub....

I love baths and thought I would explore an alternative to the clawfoot tub I have been thinking of for the new house. I love the look of round, bowl-like tubs, but then, know I love to stretch out, think this maybe more eye candy then it is practical. But who likes practical? Which one do you like?
Palazzo Tub

Via House & Garden Australia
 I don't know where the tub is but couldn't resist this photo of a gorgeous bathroom. I love the reflection of the window mullions in the large round mirror, against a marble wall. Stunning.
Via House & Garden Australia
 Ok - My new favourite family is the Novogratz's and their show "9 By Design", another fav. Here's the bathroom in their new digs. First of all, I love the black penny stamp artwork. Then, besides the very pretty bowl tub, the eye goes to the multi-coloured drapes. A great idea anyone can do.
Novogratz Bathroom
Good old Home Depot....

Home Depot

 This caught my eye for being at ground level - a sunken tub.
 The back drop is the ultimate in luxurious bathrooms, but even without the view, who could resist the rainhead above the tub?
 If you have the space, a mini pool gives a new meaning to "pool party".

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  1. these are gorgeous. We have friends who have a huge oval bowl made from concrete. One that site outside and one in their actual bath. It really is stunning.