Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our new home!!!

Can you hear me squeal? Or click my heels? As my husband was sculpting the land at the cottage and laying down stone for the lane, I was doing the back and forth with the agents to negotiate this lovely ranch bungalow. The funny thing was, as I was calling up to the cottage to discuss next "bid" with Lou, after a quick discussion on price he says, "I have to go, I'm BBQ-ing."

The lot is larger 90 x 150' (our current home is 50 x 150') on a gorgeous street in the same neighbourhood. The possibilities are endless. Second story large home, bunga-loft or adding onto the back to enlarge the Master Bedroom and Kitchen. I have already printed copies of the floor plan to play with. The blank canvas of the landscape is so tantalizing! I can imagine the winter drawing up plans for both  the house and garden, sloshing through snow to get plans and permits done and then begin the work. When I think about it, my hearts beats faster in excitement!

We move on Dec 10th and now, more than ever, I am thrilled to have started this blog to collect all the inspiration I am going to need! As I go back through the photos, I already have plans formulating. I have in mind the 2 chairs facing sofa theme for the Living Room:

Here's some photos I am tucking aside. I found the arrangement frequently used in the classic styling of Jan Showers. I love her designs!
Jan Showers
Atlantic Showhouse

Interesting perspective; I have varied styled chairs, so I was attracted to this photo. I also like the clear table.
Plush Palette
The trim in this room is beautiful. I also like the use of glass tabletops. It really lightens up a well furnished room.
Jan Showers
Great chairs. Very similar to my Wesley-Barrell one.
Jan Showers
What an inviting bedroom. We are planning to build a 4th bedroom in the basement. The textured gold wallpaper is cozy with these beautiful frames in the hallway. The white ceiling atop the brown walls really lifts the room's ceiling. Something we will need in the 8' basement.
Eric Cohler
I always liked the use of a blue hue in the ceiling paint; an nice airy effect.
Southern Accents
I recently blogged about this kitchen. Still loving it!


  1. How exciting! Its lovely! And your beautiful inspiration images will serve you well!

  2. Thanks so much!!!! I can't wait.

  3. Congratulations on your new home! I'm so excited for you. It looks like you're off to a great start already with these gorgeous images.